Saturday, November 12, 2011

This summer has been one of the best summer’s I have ever lived. It has been a summer rich of family, inspiration, service, education, enjoyable moments, rest and hard choices which I know will only benefit me in the long run. I guess the beginning of my summer began by attending women’s conference in which I learned a greatly needed lesson.  Life is hard. As much as I want to avoid the hard things in life, they will always creep up and block my path. My problem is when those hard things finally block my path of progression; I quit and desperately try to find another path that does not really exist.  I learned that our pains and our struggles in life are really our opportunity for perspective which can lead to progression and happiness.   Bottom line things are hard, but I have to overcome them.  As a response to this realization, I have decided that I can and will go into nursing. It will be hard, I will want to give up, I will probably cry several times a week because I just do not get it, but I am determined to move forward knowing that I will rise above in the end.
Another interesting part of my summer was in creating a goal for myself. Being the crafty girl I am I have TONS of unfinished projects. While cleaning my room, this discovery was made in which I found over 30 projects that had been started and needed finishing.

So I decided I would spend the entire summer working on all those projects. Here is what I have actually finished……

……..Fun goal anyway J
I have also been thinking a lot about families. Mine is crazy, loud, and sometimes unbearable but they are all the best and truest friends I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  I had the opportunity of visiting family in Arizona, which I have not seen in many years.  I was at first a little timid being around people who do not know me, not really anyway, but quickly realized they were just like me and I like them.  I was able to meet new cousins and reconnect with the others on a whole new level, realizing how much I really love them and enjoy their company. Of the many activities that took place during the reunion, my most memorable was the opportunity I had to visit with my 96 year old great grandma and grandpa.

I never really took time to get to know them, not because I didn’t care but because, as bad as it might sound, they were too old to talk to.  I always thought they would not understand me or really know who I was. To my astonishment, they were so open and aware.  It made me come to an even sillier astonishment that they have really lived great lives. They know who they are and why they are here on earth. I was flipping through an autobiography my grandfather had written which really interested me.  Of the many interesting stories and comments he made, the one that impacted me the most was his testimony.  It was so simple, yet said so much about who he is was and will be.  It also made me extremely happy that he and the rest of my family made going to the church, temple and spending time with family such a crucial part of daily life. Because of them, I am here today, have been raised by my own “goodly parents” and blessed to live in the gospel.  His simple testimony increased my desire to be just like him. It made me long to be with him again, and to see other ancestors whom I have not even met yet.  I realized over a few small words how important temple marriage is, how important temple work is and how excited I will be to one day be reunited again with my dear great grandmother , great grandfather  and all my other family members and ancestors after this life is through.  I know families can be together forever and I am so blessed to be born into such a beautiful gospel.


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