Saturday, February 19, 2011

Oh the Joys of Education

I have been spending the last few hours wondering why my supposedly easy semester has turned into the hardest semester yet, and have come up with a few reasons thanks to Webster’s Dictionary and what little brain matter exists.
Culinary arts: of or relating to the Kitchen or Cookery
            Well ya, ok that is pretty obvious, but did you know you have to have all the equipment that goes in the kitchen and personal equipment required to "be able" to cook?
10 pc knife set                                                            $125
Chef’s Coat:                                                                 $28
Digital Thermometer                                                   $14
Floppy chef’s hat                                                         $10
Side towels                                                                   $10
Black and white checked pant                                    $28
Leather shoes                                                              $40
Book                                                                          $140
Study Guide                                                                $60
Online Study Tool                                                     $50
Plus tuition                                                              $200
Total                                                                         $705
Apparently I missed the memo....Ka-ching! Or is it Flussshhhhh!

Astronomy: the study of objects and matter outside the earth's atmosphere and of their physical and chemical properties
OH, WoW! This is amazing….
Look at all these beautiful colors!

 and comets,
and black holes,
                                                               OH MY!

                                               IT’s SOOO Fluffy, I could DIE!!
Wait a sec…what’s velocity and force? Oh ya... I know Kepler, he is the guy who sits across the room, right?  And what do the moon’s phases have to do with the price of the rice in china? Pshhhh! The color spectrum, what are we in 6th grade again…actually this is not so elementary…

repeat the entire lecture please…
Haha, nice joke…you mean there is more to astronomy than just looking at the stars??
Ok, I am completely lost!
Molecular Biology: a branch of biology dealing with the ultimate physicochemical organization of living matter and especially with the molecular basis of inheritance and protein synthesis
When I understand what this means in English I will translate…..
Honestly, I really don’t know what I was thinking.  I mean, who really cares how many atoms are in a particle of air? Or is it a molecule of air ?.....
Oh...and since when does a creepy eye-less mole have anything to do with atoms and nuetrons and multipling the mass by the something or other? Or are they talking about a face mole? o.O

Extra Vocabulary
Flummoxed:  The result of Emily when tremendous amounts of complicated information are forced into her already jumbled brain.
Belaboring: What Emily is doing with all her time from sunrise to sunset

I have also realized that my negative attitude about school will only make this semester drag on FOREVER! So, I spent a few minutes one day listening to a motivating audio CD entitled, I Can Do Hard Things (the one with a picture of a guy standing on a very tall rock that is twice his height with very little foot room, which actually makes me feel a bit intimidated because he is obviously sooo much cooler than me by climbing the ridiculous looking rock...but that is besides the point)

Part of the tape talked about turning your trials into your blessings. There is always someone who will have it worse than you, so do not get discouraged thinking your life is so tough. Feeling like my life is the hardest; I have created a list of people who have it worse than me.
Some girl in my Astronomy class and coincidentally in my culinary class too – she will have to pay for the culinary supplies and take a hard astronomy class
            -I am dropping the culinary class and will have more time to study for astronomy
Bio class lab group – did not understand the sunscreen vs. ultraviolet light lab
            - I took bio 100 last semester and happened to have the same exact lab and as a result             understand the lab and was able to get out of class 1 ½ hours earlier than usual, which   makes me feel a little less dumb

Girl in my culinary class - thinks she will get into the culinary business by walking around in scanty clothing and flirting with every walking male
            -At least I have my priorities in check enough to know that taking the class is a waste             of time and money
While these things may seem small and a bit silly, it has actually helped relieve unnecessary stress. So as I continue on this awesome experience I like to call MY EDUCATION, I will keep in mind that although my trials are tough there will always be someone out there with infinitely worse trials, and I will take comfort in knowing that mine are not so bad. :)

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